Samsung Kids


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Samsung Kids is a digital playpen, a place for fun and recreation! Kids will be safe in our parental controlled playground (only available on some devices).PLAYPEN
Kids will pick a character to play with, choose among many different costumes, and enjoy both our thematic playground and recreational playroom, with several games and activities all around them.
In the playground, kids can play with fishes, play the drums or even travel to space. In the playroom, kids have access to memory games, connect the dots, space game, camera, drawing, and many others recreational activities!
Our playground is a digital playpen, which means that parents can rest assured that children are safe from improper content. In the parental control area, parents can set a usage limit and select some safe apps for kids to play with in our protected playground
Virtual playpen, with security check to exit the applicationPlaces to explore: space, playground, playroomCharacters to be customized with several costumesGames and many toysParental areaNo advertisementNo In-App purchases
Terms of use:
"Samsung Kids" is intended for entertainment purposes focusing on users in the range 2-6 years of age, but can also be used by users of any age. The goal is to provide an immersive and interesting environment for users to play with the application and also have the means to access content and third-party applications, if authorized by their parents, keeping other data and device settings protected.
"Samsung Kids” does not collect any personal information (such as name, age, gender, e-mail, etc). Only application generic usage information is collected such as: most used character, which toys are most accessed, application usage time, etc. The use of information complies with “Privacy Policy” here informed. Disclaimer: Within "Samsung Kids" there is a section entitled "Applications" that facilitates the creation of a list of authorized third-party apps that parents can configure. In order to access this section from "Samsung Kids" the parents need to answer a quiz to prove that only the responsible adult can authorize the use of third-party applications.
Samsung is not responsible for applications that the adult has made available in this area. If the adult wants to further secure the passage between "Samsung Kids" and third-party applications that were perhaps wrongly authorized in the "Applications" section, we recommend the use of applications that password lock other applications (available by third parties). In this case, the choice is at the discretion and responsibility of parents.
It is the responsibility of adults handling of the section entitled "Applications" given that third-party applications may contain content that parents may judge inappropriate for children. Parents should not fail to supervise third-party applications that children have access.